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Friday, February 03, 2006

My Thesis

It has been a while since my last posting.

I am reasonably busy lately with my thesis. Yes, the submission day is coming closer. I have to leave UNSW in less then two months. A flight ticket has even been booked for 28 March 2006. It is quite nervous to know that I will finally finish my thesis and leave for Indonesia.

Roughly, all chapter drafts have been written. Eight chapters were agreed to be compiled for my Master Thesis and most of them are currently corrected by Clive. Three chapters have been returned to me, even thouh none of them I have touched for revision. I am currently concentrating on checking the grammar of the last three chapters (6,7,8) before giving them to Clive for comments.

Honestly, I find it is hard to write in English. It is even worse because it is a scientific writing with all the rules of dos and don'ts. Referencing is the most important think, I believe. This is to avoid plagiarism, the one we all hate!

Btw, when started writing my thesis, I could not imagine how to write such a thick thesis with more than one hundred pages in it. Believe it or not, when you keep writing you won't realise that you have writen beyond the minimum pages you have to write. I have, so far, writen more than 135 pages, with more than 30 thousands words in it. What did I talk about in the thesis so I have written that much? Yes, that is the question I am always asking myself.

Anyway, no matter what happen, I have to finish my thesis on time. I hate having my scholarship extended! I will try hard and push myself till the limit so I don't need to extend my stay in Australia. Two years are more that enough. Not because I don't like Australia, I love being here in fact, but because I want to move on. There are still too many things to do. Indonesia is waiting for me, of that I am sure!