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Monday, November 22, 2004


[Chris's supports]

I met Chris today after previously canceling two appointments with him.
Basically we discussed my proposal and the plan to conduct fieldwork in Indonesia. Chris gave a very encouraging comment concerning my proposal. He confirmed that I've covered everything perfectly in the proposal that impresses him.

Chris paid attention to the section explaining the Geographic Information Systems and he suggested me to come to Canberra to visit the Australian Maritime Boundaries which is part of Geoscience Australia. He was sure that I can see much things related to the application of GIS in Maritime Boundary. What the group has done, will enrich my insight about how GIS is used in managing Maritime Boundary data. I will ask Clive to take me there whenever he comes there to see one of his PhD students.

I personally asked Chris whether I can start writing a paper related to my research and publish it in a journal or conferences. He supported me to do so, but he does not know much what I can write in the law of the sea topic and where I can publish it. For this reason, he suggested me to discuss with Clive. He prefer me to write a paper about the application of GIS in Maritime Boundary. Shortly, he encouraged me to write something related to Geomatics and he will support me to publish it in a converence or journal.

We also discussed posibilities to extend my study into a PhD level and he told me that there are two possibilities. Firstly, if possible, I can transfer my study from master level into PhD level by adding one or two more years of study period. This means that I will not get Master degree, but only PhD. Secondly, I have to finish my master first and then start to develop a new proposal for PhD. In this case, the topic must be completely different. However, Chris asked me to talk furher about this particular matter to Clive. He thought that Clive might know better then him concerning the topic and its adquacy to proceed a PhD level.

Despite all the talks about study and extensions, money does matter. To find a sponsorship is another problem I should deal with.

Anyway, I am really happy with Chris's response today. I am sure that his positive comments and supports will help me much in accomplishing the research.


Friday, November 19, 2004

Response from National Archives

Similar to DEPLU and Dishisdros, the National Archives of Indonesia also gave a positive response to my plan doing research there. They also expected me to provide a letter addresed to the section of Archive Service.


Yes, that is what experts call "Normal Baseline"

Finally I've managed to finish all the "dispute" about NORMAL Baseline. Figure in entry on November 4, 2004 is the correct Normal Baseline. Clive also confirmed that the picture looks nice and correctly depicts the baseline.

It is important to understand some terms:
* Low Water Elevation
* Low Water Line

Please see here for details.


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Fieldwork or holiday?

I am so happy today.
My journey to Jakarta will enable me to stop over in Bali for one night. This is because the flight to Jakarta will be through Denpasar and it is possible to stop over. However, I need to pay $55 for that because AusAID does not provide funds for 'holiday' but It doesn't matter.

I've confirmed my flight schedule to STA and the following are the details:

  1. 15 January 2004 -> Sydney to Denpasar
  2. 16 January 2004 -> Denpasar to Jakarta
  3. 7 February 2004 -> Jakarta to Yogyakarta
  4. 14 February 2004 -> Yogyakarta to Denpasar
  5. 18 February 2004 -> Denpasar to Sydney


Saturday, November 13, 2004

Response from DISHIDROS

[thanks to Mas Yazid]

I finally know that there is an Alumny of Geodetic Engineering in DISHIDROS. His name is Mamad Yazid who entered UGM in 1988. He personally supported me to conduct fieldwork in DISHIDROS and promise me to give any data I need.
Because of our personal relationship, he even did not request me to provide a formal letter. However, I think it is agood idea to have one and Clive already agreed to write a letter for me.


Friday, November 12, 2004

My Fieldwork Approved!

An email from Jo:

Dear Andi

Thank you for your email.

Today a letter approving your fieldwork was mailed to you. I have provided
STA with a copy of the letter, and your schedule so that they may make the
booking. I have also asked that the most flexible ticket possible be
booked for you. I would recommend that you contact them next week to
confirm the details of the booking.

In regard to your training, the same documentation is required as
previously requested.

Kind regards


Thursday, November 11, 2004

CARIS training on February 2005

Finally, we've come up with a solution.
The training will be held on February 2004 after the fieldwork. We plan to do it on February 21-25, 2005. Hopefully, no obstacle raises.

See you next year!


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Respons from DEPLU

[thanks to Mr. Jinangkung]

I've tried to contact The Department of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia for the fieldwork. Positively, Mr Amrih Jinangkung gave a response and told me to prepare a letter. There, I will be dealing with the Director-General for Multilateral Political, Social and Security Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Amrih also indicated that his directorate might not be able to provide all data I need but he promise me to introduce me to other sections which probably can support my research. He also adviced me to provide a short letter signed by Clive saying that I am a research student at UNSW and need to do research at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

For communication purposes, Amrih can be contacted by email aung01@hotmail.com or telephone +62213849618.


Friday, November 05, 2004

CARIS LOTS training - rescheduled!

I've got an email from Clive:

One hitch is that Rob van de Poll has now said he cannot do the dates we discussed. I am therefore thinking about the second week of January (i.e. just before you plan to go away on the 15th). Would that be OK with you?

bellow is my reply:

I am afraid, may not be available on the second week of January. I
plan to go to Brisbane for vacation and I've booked tickets for us
(Asti and me). How about doing it earlier, let's say on the first or
second week of December?

Or, if it is not possible at al, I will cancel my ticket. I don't
think we have other way out, do we?


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Is it the Correct Normal Baseline?

Do you think it is a corect illustration of normal baselines?

a : island
b : low-tide elevation that creates its own territorial sea
c : low-tide elevation that does not create its own territorial sea

Figure 5 (i) shows an island (a) with low-water line serving as a normal baseline. From the normal baseline, the limit of the territorial sea is measured seaward to the breadth of 12 nm. Since there is a low-water elevation feature (b) lies within the distance of 12 nm, it can be used as territorial sea basepoints (Carleton and Schofield, 2001: 23) and can generate its own territorial sea. On the other hand, another low-water elevation feature (c) does not generate its own territorial sea because its distance is more than 12 nm from the mainland. Figure 5(ii), showing the profile of the island and low-water features, better illustrates the distance from the mainland seaward. It also shows the definition of low-water elevation feature; the feature that is depicted above the water surface at the low-water.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Normal Baseline - a correction

Look at the figure bellow. "This is not the way you draw the normal baseline", says Clive.

Explore more in the United Nation Handbook on the Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries and TALOS document[s]