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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Respons from DEPLU

[thanks to Mr. Jinangkung]

I've tried to contact The Department of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia for the fieldwork. Positively, Mr Amrih Jinangkung gave a response and told me to prepare a letter. There, I will be dealing with the Director-General for Multilateral Political, Social and Security Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Amrih also indicated that his directorate might not be able to provide all data I need but he promise me to introduce me to other sections which probably can support my research. He also adviced me to provide a short letter signed by Clive saying that I am a research student at UNSW and need to do research at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

For communication purposes, Amrih can be contacted by email aung01@hotmail.com or telephone +62213849618.

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