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Monday, November 22, 2004


[Chris's supports]

I met Chris today after previously canceling two appointments with him.
Basically we discussed my proposal and the plan to conduct fieldwork in Indonesia. Chris gave a very encouraging comment concerning my proposal. He confirmed that I've covered everything perfectly in the proposal that impresses him.

Chris paid attention to the section explaining the Geographic Information Systems and he suggested me to come to Canberra to visit the Australian Maritime Boundaries which is part of Geoscience Australia. He was sure that I can see much things related to the application of GIS in Maritime Boundary. What the group has done, will enrich my insight about how GIS is used in managing Maritime Boundary data. I will ask Clive to take me there whenever he comes there to see one of his PhD students.

I personally asked Chris whether I can start writing a paper related to my research and publish it in a journal or conferences. He supported me to do so, but he does not know much what I can write in the law of the sea topic and where I can publish it. For this reason, he suggested me to discuss with Clive. He prefer me to write a paper about the application of GIS in Maritime Boundary. Shortly, he encouraged me to write something related to Geomatics and he will support me to publish it in a converence or journal.

We also discussed posibilities to extend my study into a PhD level and he told me that there are two possibilities. Firstly, if possible, I can transfer my study from master level into PhD level by adding one or two more years of study period. This means that I will not get Master degree, but only PhD. Secondly, I have to finish my master first and then start to develop a new proposal for PhD. In this case, the topic must be completely different. However, Chris asked me to talk furher about this particular matter to Clive. He thought that Clive might know better then him concerning the topic and its adquacy to proceed a PhD level.

Despite all the talks about study and extensions, money does matter. To find a sponsorship is another problem I should deal with.

Anyway, I am really happy with Chris's response today. I am sure that his positive comments and supports will help me much in accomplishing the research.


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