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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Excercising Maritime Boundary in Timor Sea

Robust Equidistance Line
Figure bellow depicts equidistance lines in Timor Sea that consist of two different segments. Segment CB4-a is the adjacent equidistance line between West Timor and Timor Leste, and is the elongation of land border in Mota Masin. Segment b-c represents the median line between Timor Leste and the Indonesia’s archipelagic straight baseline along Pulau Leti, Pulau Moa, Pulau Lakor, Pulau Maetimearang with zero effect given to Pulau Jako. On the other hand, segment b-d is similar to segment b-c only with full effect given to Pulau Jako.

Final Boundary Line
To finalize the boundary in Timor Sea, especially the one starting from the point between Pulau Jako and Pulau Leti going down to the boundary between Indonesia and Australia, half effect has been given to Pulau Jako. The blue line between two black lines is the final boundary line in Timor Sea at the East side. Meanwhile, the equidistance line departing from Mota Masin at the West side of Timor Sea has been left without any shift. This is because there is no significant feature to consider and neither relevant circumstance that influence the equidistance line. The following Figure shows the final boundaries in Timor Sea.

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