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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thousand of Indonesian Islands are ready to be registered to the UN

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Around 3.000 Islands do not meet International Standard

Sorong, Kompas – Indonesian government has verified at least 3,046 island in its 11 provinces. In August 2007, it is targeted that all islands in Indonesia's 15 provinces can be registered to the UN.

The director of Small Island Management of Dept. of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (DKP), Alex SW Retraubun, stated this at a workshop in Sorong, Papua, Monday (23/7). Alex stated that the verification of islands' name is expected to be finished this year. The project started in 2005.

Alex informed that surveys have been carried out for 30 of 33 provinces in Indonesia. Surveys need to be conducted in three more provinces: Bali, Jakarta, and West Papua. From those 30 provinces, verifications have been completed for 11 provinces. Number of islands verified: South Sumatera (23 islands), Bangka Belitung (363), West Java (10), central Java (33), Yogyakarta (28), East Java (411), North Sulawesi (258), Gorontalo (123), Maluku (471), and North Maluku (784 islands).

"Even though we found and named new islands, verification showed that the number of islands, so far, decreases compared the number of islands we previously knew. The number is also smaller than that proposed by regional governments as many features do not meet criteria of islands defined by UNCLOS" said Alex SW Retraubun.

"It is not impossible that we will come up with smaller number of island than 17,504, the number we generally believe now", said Alex.

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