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Monday, June 23, 2008

Finally, Indonesia submits its ECS to the UN

The day has come. Indonesia finally submitted the outer limits of its Extended Continental Shelf to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS). The submission was made on 16 June 2008 after a 9-year preparation. The Ambassador Marty Natalegawa lodged the document to DOALOS and was received by Mr. Miculca, the director.

A 10-page executive summary of the submission is now available in the website of CLCS for other parties' interest. The executive summary is reasonably short but concisely informs key points of the Indonesia's submission. The submission covers the area to the north west of Sumatra, encompassing a reasonably small area of continental shelf. The summary containing the map of the area can be downloaded from the website of CLCS.

The submission made by Indonesia was a partial one and more submission will follow before the deadline is due, which is 13 May 2009. The Indonesian team consisting of various institutions is now preparing for the other submission.

As per today, not much to say about the submission and no response has been made so far by other countries. Furthermore, the submission will be considered by the Commission in its session in 2009. There is still a long way to go. No matter what, it is a great move by Indonesia and it deserves an appreciation. Congratulation for the submission and fingers crossed for the result.

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