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Monday, December 20, 2004

Response from Bakosurtanal

[calling pak sobar]

I haven’t mentioned that I got response from Bakosurtanal, have I? Bakosurtanal is an important institution I will visit during the fieldwork. I called Dr Sutisna (hereinafter referred to as Pak Soabar), head of the center for Boundary Mapping of Bakosurtanal. He answered my called warmly with his friendly “assalamualaikum”. Without doubt, I simply replied “walaikumsalam” followed by introduction. It did not take long for him to remember me when I said “Madé UGM”. He just did not realise that I called from Sydney because the strange number appeared on his mobile was [like] a Jakarta number.

Pak Sobar responded positively when I told him my plan to visit Bakosurtanal for obtaining data (topographic map). Only, he will not be around at the day (24-26 January 2005) for he will be in Mekah for “Ibadah Haji”. It doesn’t matter because, according to him, Bu Sari can help me to obtain the data. “Just lest us know your detail plan and data you need, Bu Sari will help you. You’ve known her haven’t you?”, he added.

I hope this journey can enrich my academic experience as well as strengthen the network I am currently developing.

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