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Friday, May 13, 2005

Letter of Acceptance for ICOC 2005

c/- Michele Ford
School of Political and International Studies
Flinders University

3 April 2005

Dear Andi
I am delighted to advise you formally that the abstract you submitted for the Indonesia Council Open Conference 2005 has been accepted.

ICOC 2005 will provide an excellent opportunity for you to spend time with other Indonesianists and to hear about new research. While you are at the ICOC, we would also like to invite you to attend the Flinders Asia Centre Annual Lecture, which is to be delivered on the evening of Monday 25 September by Sidney Jones.

We look forward to meeting you in Adelaide in September, and will contact you periodically before then with the conference program and other information about the conference.

Best wishes
Michele Ford
ICOC 2005 Conference Convenor

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