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Monday, November 14, 2005

Book Chapter

Still remember my presentation in the ICOC last September in Adelaide? Yes, the one about Indonesia-Timor Leste maritime boundary.

My presentation was apparently quite interesting, at least to Dr. Kingsbury of Deakin University (yes, right! I mentioned his name in my report too). He offered me to include my paper in his edited book. This is, of course, a very good offer. Clive and I (the paper is a joint-paper) then worked hard to edit the paper and broadened the scope not just to cover Indoensia and Timor Leste but also Timor Leste-Australia maritime Boundaries.

A distant collaboration was then taken place as Clive is in Wollongong and I am in Sydney. Guess what, we kept emailing every five minutes to discuss this and that. It was a very good virtual collaboration and we finally came up with a final draft with four figures. I created the figures myself using Corel Draw and those are driven from the analysis using CARIS LOTS. The reason why they have to be re-drawn because the book cannot contain colored image and also because the images coming directly from CARIS are not printing-ready.

Well, the chapter will be my first English publication in an edited book. What a good experience for a young academic like me!

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