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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Animate the Law

Being in a place where no surveyor other than me is, to an extent, very glorious. I could feel that I am useful and am the man with the most precious knowledge ha ha. Surrounded by lawyers who are keen to know more about technical aspects of the law of the sea gave me privileges to express my technical and spatial expertise.

Honestly, I did not realize what I know is significantly important and is precious to my lawyer colleagues. I am talking about the ability of technical people (read: surveyors) to explain legal problem using graphs, charts, and even animations. A very good example of this situation is when lawyers try to understand the meaning of Article 76 of the UNCLOS. It is not very easy to understand the very long article without sufficient knowledge of technical aspects.

I am quite lucky with my “weird” creativity to stay for hours (or even days) in front of computer “converting” those complicated legal expression in article 76 into a nice, simple and easy-to-understand animation. I found that even the lawyers find it a lot easier to understand the article by seeing my animation with minimum oral explanation. Want to see the amusement? :) Please contact me!

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