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Monday, April 23, 2007

It has been a month

Today, I have been in this fellowship program for a month. Not much progress has been achieved, really. However, I have managed to complete the report outline so I know where to head and what to write. One more thing, at least I am fully settled now in Wollongong. A bike has also been provided (lend) by Clive. What a supervisor :) I remember when I was doing my master, Clive also gave me some kitchen utensils. Now he lend me a bike. I wonder what I can expect for my PhD ha ha ha.

Back to serious matter.
I have started writing my report today. At least, I finally wrote some sentences in the "Introduction" section. Not yet much, but I have begun. Everybody knows, starting is the most difficult part. Does it mean that I have done the most difficult part of my research?

I will keep you posted!

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