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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

East Timor: Beyond Independence

This book is edited by D. Kingsbury and M. Leach of Deakin University. Clive and I contribute one chapter in this book concerning East Timorese maritime boundary delimitation. The chapter contributed is “The Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries: A Matter of ‘Life or Death” for East Timor?”. It is originally the paper I presented in the Indonesian Council Open Conference in Flinders University, Adelaide in September 2005. I Met Damien, the editor, as we both presented papers at the event. Damien, through his email, asked me to contribute the paper as a chapter in the book. A very interesting offer. I am so happy, the book has now been published.

This is taken from the website of Monash Asia Institute Press:

This is the most comprehensive study of East Timor since independence, examining the major themes of development, borders and security, politics and justice, resource and land management, education, and language policy. Though the country was initially lauded as a case study in successful state-building, the crisis of 2006 demonstrated that East Timor had more in common with other post-colonial, post-conflict societies than some of these earlier optimistic assessments.

East Timor continues to attract the interest and attention of governments, scholars, development institutions and aid workers as a society rebuilding itself after almost a quarter of a century of profound trauma, and consecutive eras of colonialism.

Covering the era from the independence referendum in August 1999 to the political crisis in 2006, and future prospects and challenges, this book is an invaluable resource for understanding the challenges facing the first new nation of the 21st centur

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