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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My New Book: Ask Google Guru

Dear Colleagues,

This is a promotion of my new book that will be available in market on 10 May 2007 (Elex Media Komputindo). This time, the topic is quite light. It is not geodesy, nor law of the sea, neither maritime boundary disputes (but not a novel, either) ha ha..
The topic is something you are familiar with: Google.

Have you ever wondered?

  1. How to find a tsunami animation using Google?
  2. How to find Power point (ppt) files for teaching materials (lecturers will love this)?
  3. How to search PDF files only from the Indonesian university websites?
  4. I do not know what "mutatis mutandis" means. Can Google define it for me?
  5. How many meters is one nautical mile? Can Google help me?
  6. I need to have daily update regarding my research topic sent to my email. Can Google do something?
  7. What is the speed of light?
  8. If there are two objects, 12 and 10 kg each and separated by 15 meters, How strong is the force between them?
  9. How much is one dollar in rupiah, today?
  10. Can Google help me search files in my PC?
If you answer "yes" to one of the above questions, then my book might be helpful to you. Sorry, I cant stop myself from mentioning this advertisement part :). Thank you very much for your attention and happy reading (after buying one)

See its review at: http://elexmedia.multiply.com/reviews/item/27
Table of contents: http://madeandi.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/google.pdf

[should I translate it into English, do you think?]

Sincerely yours

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