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Friday, October 01, 2004

CARIS LOTS training

CARIS LOTS(TM) is a specially-designed GIS software for maritime boundary delimitation, which is not very popular in Australia. I plan to use the software for my researh but unfortunately Clive can't train me properly.

Today, I got a good news from Clive that Robert (the guy from CARIS) would like to provide training in Australia. Rob asked Clive to see the possibility and arrange everything. The cost for the training, which last for 5 days, will be AUD 7,500.00 (academic price, after discount of about 50%).

Clive told me that it is possible to use the money from his fellowship in UNSW because he is going to leave the university shortly. Another issue is, whether UNSW is available to be the host of the training. It is actually a very good oppurtunity fo UNSW, especially The school of Surveying & SIS because it's gonna be the first CARIS LOTS (TM) training in Australia. This school can be the host and invite some participats from outside the Uniersity such as Geoscience Australia, The Australian Hydrographic Service, Land Information New Zealand, etc.
If it is possible to get, let's say, 6 participants, the training will be easily affordable since each participant pays only AUD 1,000 plus . The school can even make profit :)

Hmm... it seems to be an interesting plan.. i hope, we can make it.

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